Community COVID-19 Vaccination Begins at University Hospitals

On Tuesday, Jan. 19, UH started distributing the COVID-19 vaccine to the community, starting with patients age 80 and over. 80-year-old Edna Hall of Elyria was the first patient to receive the vaccination at the clinic inside UH Management Services Center (MSC) in Shaker Heights. Since then, more than 8,600 community members have received their first dose of the vaccine at UH. 

Patient and volunteer feedback has been extremely positive, calling the experience easy and efficient. UH employees from departments across the health system are helping with screening, registration and scheduling.

Rewarding Volunteer Experience
“Working at MSC to check people in was a great experience. Elderly people were happy to finally be receiving their first dose of freedom. One lady walked away from checking in with a big smile on her face saying ‘I feel like I’ve been released from jail!’ I feel hopeful − hopeful because of the positive experience and hopeful that one day we will be free to live our lives without the fear of COVID.”
-Carol Grabner, Administrative Assistant, UH Institutional Relations & Development

Flawless Execution
“Vaccine administration for volunteers and employees was so well done. The entire procedure, including the wait time, was a half-hour! I got feedback from several friends who received their vaccines at the MSC and they were really impressed with how flawless the whole procedure was handled. I’m quite relieved to have received the vaccine and very proud of UH for handling this so efficiently.”
-Dee Kleinman, UH Volunteer and Philanthropic Supporter

“I have been one of the countless UH physicians, nurses, pharmacists and staff to volunteer to help with the COVID vaccine clinics, particularly for our patients. The whole operation has been so efficient and welcoming at the same time. It was such a bonus when I got to give the first COVID vaccine to both of my parents! It made us all #UHProud to be a doctor with UH and be cared for by UH!”
-Molly McVoy, MD, Program Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, UH Cleveland Medical Center

Pre-registration for vaccinations is currently underway for people age 65 and older and those with specific health conditions that put them at greater risk than the general population. Patients who entered contact information in the MyUHCare personal health record received an email about the pre-registration process. Additionally, pre-registration and vaccine procedures can be found at

Patients who do not have a computer or are having trouble completing the pre-registration process can call 216-844-3339 and leave a voicemail. UH volunteers will call back within 24 hours and fill out the form for them.

UH is committed to vaccinating our patients as quickly and efficiently as possible. With a plan in place for vaccinating the people of Northeast Ohio, we are working to bring the pandemic to an end.

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