UH Rainbow Helps Henry Cope with Rare, Chronic Disease


“Rainbow doesn’t stop until they have answers,” says Molly Knapton. At just five-years-old her son, Henry, has had to face more than most adults. Born with a compromised immune system, Henry also copes with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE), a rare, chronic autoimmune disease. When it’s not controlled, EoE causes Henry’s digestive tract to attack itself, making it nearly impossible to eat or swallow, breathing even becomes difficult. Having both an immune deficiency and an autoimmune disorder makes his situation much more complex, opening him up to more serious complications.

Throughout his treatments, Henry has become a warrior. He’s no longer fearful of his illness. He remains tough through the countless blood draws, IVs, and hospital stays. An aspiring ninja, Henry is incredibly animated and brave. To quote his mom, “he’s the man!”

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