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Miracle Fund

Since the Miracle Fund’s inception in 2008, more than $22 million has been raised for clinical research and treatment of advanced stage breast cancer and all advanced cancers at UH Seidman Cancer Center.

Becky Hennessy and Diana Hyland displayed tremendous courage in their battles with breast cancer. Today, they would be proud to know that the Miracle Fund has significantly helped move innovative clinical ideas into practice. Recent advancements include the following:

  • Recruitment of two additional faculty members to the breast cancer group; Takae Mizukami MD, PhD, an expert in cancer genetics, and Sonia Oliviera MD, who brings significant experience in clinical trials.
  • Expansion of breast cancer clinical trials, increasing enrollment by 25%.
  • Discovery of a new drug that targets and kills breast cancer cells as a potential treatment option.
  • Advancement in understanding of the biology of cancer - specifically the processes inside cells that drive the growth of cancer cells, which sheds light on how to stop their growth.
  • Seth Field, MD, PhD serves on the senior advisory board of the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program, where he helps determine funding nationally and internationally that will help push toward a cure.

Events Supporting the Miracle Fund 

Inspired by Diana Hyland's life and legacy, breast cancer patient Becky Hennessy was an active volunteer and advocate for the Miracle Fund and its efforts to fuel clinical research for advanced breast cancer. Becky served as a longtime co-chair of the annual golf outing until her passing in 2017. The golf outing was renamed for Becky to honor her memory. Join us for the Becky Hennessy Golf Classic on June 10, 2024.

Each fall, family, friends, and supporters gather together at the Miracles Happen Celebration to honor the life of Diana and continue her mission to further breast cancer research.