UH Geneva Community Christmas Card

A Local Tradition that has Saved Lives for More Than Fifty Years

Community Christmas Card
Community Christmas Card: Community Christmas Card Committee member Allison Anderson and her daughter Julia hold the long list of life saving medical equipment purchased for UH Geneva Medical Center’s Critical Care Unit through donations by community members since 1970. Charter donor Annette Brunner, Community Christmas Card founder Pat Merrell, charter donors Martha Gresham and Peggy Deal and (standing) charter donor Greta Cordova, CCC Committee members Cathy Brashear and Polly Parker are pictured with UH Geneva Medical Center Chief Medical Officer and Director of Critical Care, Dr. Amitabh Goel.

The Community Christmas Card is an enduring holiday tradition that has saved local lives for more than 50 years. Generations of families, organizations and businesses have added their names to the greeting by making a donation to help purchase state of the art medical equipment for UH Geneva Medical Center’s Critical Care Unit.

Since the Community Christmas Card was founded in 1970 by Margery Martin and Patricia Merrell, community members have contributed more than $350,000 to the fund. The Community Christmas Card Committee has included: Margery Martin, Patricia Merrell, Jean Walker, Jennifer Marrison, Gyla Castle, Judith Robson, Lisa Demshar, Judith Pearson, Kay Raymond, Tracy Clutter, Marianne Sezon Dana, Jane Bowser and Janey Jones. The 2022 committee includes: Janice Perala, Cathleen Brashear, Anne Corlew, Polly Parker, Terri Vincent, Candy Urcheck, Annette Fobell, Allison Anderson, Tiffany Miller, Jennifer Restad and Dana Schenk.

Impact of Your Support

Contributions to the Community Christmas Card this year will help purchase a Starling Fluid Management Monitoring System, which will have a significant impact on the care we provide to our critically ill patients.

Starling Fluid Management Monitoring System
Starling Fluid Management Monitoring System

Critically ill patients often have fluid imbalances caused by sepsis or shock. Sepsis is one of the most common causes of admission to the critical care unit and has a high mortality rate. The ability to rapidly identify fluid and volume status of a patient is critical to ensuring appropriate care.

The Starling Fluid Management Monitoring System offers a 100% non-invasive and highly precise approach to fluid monitoring. It measures blood flow and provides a full, accurate profile within seconds to help determine whether fluid will help or harm a patient. The Starling Fluid Management System will continue our focus on safety and Zero Harm and enable us to continue the tradition of high quality critical care to our community.

Make a Gift Today

When you make a donation before December 19, your name will appear on the annual Community Christmas Card to be published on Christmas Eve in the print and online editions of the "The Star Beacon" and in the December 28 issue of "The Gazette" newspapers.

"The continued tradition of generosity of the Christmas Card fund along with all of the devoted individuals involved with it will continue to touch the lives of the countless patients that come to receive care in the Critical Care Unit at University Hospitals Geneva Medical Center," explained Amitabh Goel, MD, FACS, Director of Critical Care, UH Geneva Medical Center.

Donations of any amount to the annual Community Christmas Card help support lifesaving equipment at UH Geneva Medical Center.

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