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UH Cutler Center for Men

The Challenge

Men have a complicated relationship with healthcare. Though studies show men in the U.S. want to be healthy, good intentions are often not enough. Generally, men view health and wellbeing as worries for another day – resulting in shorter life expectancy than women, higher rates of cancer, behavioral health issues and more.

UH Cutler Center for Men aims to engage men more regularly with their health and doctors. Creating an environment that educates, empowers and eases tension we help men be more proactive and holistic about their care – addressing concerns before they become major health issues and benefiting from resources along the way. To make wellness a priority among men, we strive to provide healthcare experiences that instill confidence and foster meaningful connections.

Make a Gift

Your support of UH Cutler Center for Men will enable the program to continue to:

  • Conduct short and long-term patient outcome surveys to understand and anticipate men’s health wants and needs for program development, gauge member wellbeing and tailor each patients experience.
  • Recruit personnel and elevate training for providers and caregivers highlighting the necessity of – and differences in – men’s health and wellness to ensure high-quality, personalized care.
  • Engage men in the Cleveland community with events, outreach and programing to drive health awareness of mental health, prostate cancer and other conditions commonly affecting men, and improve health literacy and encourage enrollment with UH Cutler Center for Men.
  • Use cutting-edge technology to improve clinical delivery, enhance experiences and streamline patient-provider interactions.

Generosity from individuals like you are the key to providing tailored, compassionate care to the men in our community. Help us continue the mission of UH Cutler Center for Men and make your gift today.

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