Endowment Fund Helps High-Risk Breast Cancer Patients

Jill Dietz and Donna Plecha

Bill Herzog and his sister, Charlotte, carry a mutated BRCA gene – the most common indicator of hereditary breast cancer. As parents, they know they passed that gene on to their children, elevating the risk that they or their own children will have the disease.

“Whether because of genetics, family history or some other factor, patients who find themselves at high risk need to have someone who can answer their questions and address their concerns about breast cancer,” said Bill. “I may not be able to change the genes I gave my kids, but I can help make sure they have somewhere to turn if and when they need to.”

To that end, the Herzog Family Foundation established a fund in 2015 to support a new genetics navigator – Joy Knight – at UH Center for Breast Cancer Prevention. “Thanks to the Herzog family’s generous support, high-risk patients like Stephanie are being identified and getting the customized care and education they deserve,” said Joy.

“In the last two years, more than 400 high-risk patients have been referred to the center. Each has benefitted directly from the Herzog family’s compassion and foresight.”

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