Grateful for UH Samaritan Caregiver

In 2018, Robert “Brooks” Whitmore was doing yard work when he accidentally fell off his ladder. He was brought to the Emergency Room of University Hospitals Samaritan Medical Center in Ashland. Upon arrival, Denise Holmes, RN, assessed his condition. Brooks said, “She took very special care of me. I was in a lot of pain and she was very confident and reassuring.” Denise helped manage his pain and stayed with him as the doctor treated his severely broken ankle. “She had a high level of professionalism. Due to her care and responsiveness, I got through that (ER experience) with the least amount of discomfort.”

Earlier this year, Brooks experienced another life altering event. He was at work in his classic car shop when he became disorientated. His wife immediately took him to the ER at UH Samaritan Medical Center. Brooks was apprehensive, especially when he saw the waiting room full of people with varying illnesses and injuries. His wife talked to the attendant at the front desk, detailed his symptoms, and Brooks was immediately taken into a treatment room.

The first nurse he saw was Denise Holmes. “She took wonderful care of me again. She remembered me from my previous injury. I was scared and she knew the right words to say to make me feel better.” Test results showed Brooks had suffered a stroke; he was treated promptly by staff and is doing very well today.

UH has a long history of supporting our nursing staff and bringing much deserved recognition to their work and expertise. Brooks acknowledged Denise through the UH Nurse Recognition Program, saying “Denise deserves to be recognized. She knew her stuff and did a great job.”

When asked about his experience, Brooks said “I am a retired law enforcement officer and first responder, I can appreciate the fact that nurses come to work every day and put others ahead of themselves.” He also emphasized how much he “appreciates what an honorable profession nursing is, especially as we continue to experience this unprecedented pandemic.”

UH caregivers empower, advocate and innovate to achieve excellence in health care. But more importantly, they are the heart of University Hospitals. We know that compassion makes a difference, helping you heal and recover more quickly. If a caregiver went above and beyond for you, please take a moment to thank them and share your story.