Donor Recognition Awards

University Hospitals is proud to recognize the generosity, support and friendship of our donors, physicians and ambassadors. We are honored to award the Samuel Mather Visionary Award, the Distinguished Physician Award and the Distinguished Advisor Award to those who do so much on behalf of the UH mission.

Samuel Mather Visionary Award

Samuel Mather Visionary Award

Samuel Mather Visionary Award is the highest honor bestowed upon a benefactor of UH and recognizes and pays tribute to the recipient’s exceptional generosity, dedication, and civic vision on behalf our patients and their families, the people of UH, and the communities we serve. Presented at the annual Society of 1866 Celebration, the award recognizes one or more outstanding benefactors. These recipients personify humanity, compassion, and the essence of philanthropy, while motivating and inspiring others to help advance the UH mission: To Heal. To Teach. To Discover.

Samuel Mather Visionary Award Honorees
2016 Roe Green
Karen Mole
2015 John C. Haugh
Linda A. and Les C. Vinney
2014 Dick and Pat Pogue 
John and Sally Morley 
2013 The Cleveland Foundation; Kathleen A. Coleman 
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Distinguished Physician Award

UH Distinguished Physician Award is University Hospitals’ most prestigious physician honor. Presented at the annual Society of 1866 Celebration, the UH Distinguished Physician Award recognizes an esteemed physician who has made an extraordinary impact on UH, our patients, their families and our communities. This lifetime achievement award honors a physician who has advanced the medical profession through his or her work and provided compassionate, advanced care that exemplifies the spirit of our mission: To Heal. To Teach. To Discover.

Distinguished Physician Award Honorees
2016 Fred C. Rothstein, MD
2015 Alan H. Markowitz, MD
2014 George H. Thompson, MD 
2013 James A. Schulak, MD 
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Distinguished Advisor Award

The Distinguished Advisor Award was created to annually recognize a member of the Diamond Advisory Group for his or her commitment of generosity, foresight and civic vision to the UH mission. The Diamond Advisory Group is a volunteer group of legal, financial, real estate and insurance professionals helping clients and UH benefactors achieve their financial and philanthropic goals.

Distinguished Advisor Award Honorees
2016 Douglas J. Smorag, CPA/PFS
2015 Eugene A. Kratus, Esq.
2014 Jeffry L. Weiler, Esq. 
2013 Catherine G. Veres, CPA/PFS, CFP, Cornerstone Family Office
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