The Gift that Keeps on Giving

UH Geneva Medical Center Community Christmas Card

Dr. Amitabh Goel, Director of Critical Care and Chief Medical Officer at
UH Geneva Medical Center;  Janey Jones, a Community Christmas Card committee member; and Janie Spade, a UH Geneva Medical Center patient access representative whose family has contributed to the Community Christmas Card for four generations, look through the Community Christmas Card scrapbooks. 

Since 1970, members of the Geneva community have contributed more than $300,000 to the Community Christmas Card Fund, which benefits the critical care unit at UH Geneva Medical Center. In 2016, donations totaled a record-setting $14,000 to purchase Capnoflex capnography modules, technology that helps with the continuous monitoring of carbon dioxide levels for patients requiring ventilation.

Contributions to the Community Christmas Card will purchase ClearSight noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring. This system utilizes finger cuff technology for noninvasive continuous blood pressure, cardiac output and other advanced hemodynamic parameters. In conjunction with the EV1000 clinical platform – previously purchased by the Christmas Card Fund in 2012 – the ClearSight system provides visual hemodynamic information directly to nurses and physicians, enabling them to better manage critically ill patients without the placement of invasive catheters. These leading-edge tools enhance both patient comfort and safety.

"This will take our commitment of safe care for our patients to an even higher standard," said Amitabh Goel, MD, Director of Critical Care and Chief Medical Officer at UH Geneva Medical Center.

When you make a donation before December 19, your name will appear on the 2017 Community Christmas Card, to be published on Christmas Eve in the local Star Beacon newspaper, also published online, and in a window display at Central Hardware in downtown Geneva.

"The most beautiful thing about this community tradition is that a contribution in any amount is welcome and adds a name to the card," said Jan Perala, a longtime Community Christmas Card committee member. "Everyone can be a part of this effort to save lives."

Make a contribution to the 2017 Community Christmas Card Fund.