Paying it Forward


Barry Chiron

Three years ago, Barry Chiron was diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis, a painful and debilitating condition caused by compression of nerves in the lower back. To ease his daily discomfort, he participated in UH’s pain management program. By mid-2016, however, treatment was no longer working. To find lasting relief, Barry visited UH orthopedic spine surgeon Zachary Gordon, MD, and underwent a complex back surgery.

After nearly six months of recovery, a follow-up MRI showed great improvement in Barry’s back, but revealed deterioration in his neck that would require another surgery. The MRI also showed something else – an abdominal aortic aneurysm, a potentially deadly condition that often shows no symptoms until it ruptures and leads to sudden death.

Dr. Gordon immediately connected Barry to Vikram Kashyap, MD, Division Chief, Vascular Surgery, UH Cleveland Medical Center; Co-Director, UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute; and Alan H. Markowitz, MD, Master Clinician for Cardiac and Vascular Surgery. Repairing the life-threatening aneurysm was paramount and, thankfully for Barry, the operation was successful. Everything went so smoothly, in fact, that just twelve days later, Barry was strong enough to undergo extensive neck surgery with Dr. Gordon.

Today, the pain in Barry’s back and neck is manageable and his aneurysm has healed beautifully. "Dr. Gordon and Dr. Kashyap are remarkable people," he said. "Both men are very accomplished surgeons and they also have incredible people skills. Dealing with all of this was not easy, to say the least, but they were so reassuring during the entire process."

Grateful for his second chance, Barry inquired about what he might do to give back. "My quality of life now is off the charts. As the last of our family to carry the Chiron name, if my legacy can be that I assisted someone else in getting the quality lifesaving care I had, I want to do just that."

Inspired by Dr. Kashyap’s passionate vision for the future of vascular care at UH, Barry made a generous gift to ensure current and future vascular residents and physicians have the educational resources they need to succeed. In recognition, the Barry G. Chiron Vascular Library at UH Cleveland Medical Center will be dedicated later this spring.

Like Barry, if you are inspired to give back due to the special care you received at University Hospitals, please contact us at 216-983-2200 or make a donation online