Taiko’s Miracle Story


When Taiko was born, his parents held him in their arms and fell in love, just like they had with their two older children. “His birth was wonderful,” said Taiko’s father, Yuta. “There were no signs of anything being wrong, at all. We were very, very happy.”

Six months later, Taiko’s parents took him for a routine check-up, and his pediatrician noticed a heart murmur. Thinking they were just being cautious, they made an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital. After a series of tests, they learned that Taiko had a congenital heart condition and required open heart surgery. “My whole world just shattered,” Yuta said. “You don’t want to hear that about your baby.”

On the day of the surgery, which Yuta describes as the most excruciating of their lives, Taiko’s family relied upon the Rainbow team for comfort. “The nurses were amazing,” Yuta said. “They came every half hour and reassured us. We never felt forgotten or alone, and that helped a lot.”

After four hours, they learned that the surgery had been a success, and Taiko went to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Children in the PICU often are attached to monitors, IVs and other supportive equipment, making it an intimidating environment for loved ones. Once again, Taiko’s family found comfort in the supportive care of the Rainbow team. “It was touching to see,” said Yuta. “They treated him like their own, and they treated us like family.” Yuta knew that although Taiko was the patient, he wasn’t the only one receiving care. “I realized that I needed almost as much support, even though Taiko was the one who went through the surgery,” he said, “and we got that.”

Today Taiko is a happy and healthy young boy, and when his father looks at him, he sees more than his son. He also sees an inspiration. “He’s wonderful,” Yuta said. “He inspires us every day.”

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