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Bella Mileti

When Bella was born, her body fit completely into the palm of her mother's hand. She weighed just one pound and three ounces, and came into the world over four months earlier than expected. Her mother, Andria, recalls, "She looked like a baby bird, with her head the size of a tennis ball and her eyes fused shut."

During the first few weeks of her life, Bella proved to be a fighter when she endured multiple surgeries and was challenged by serious infections, a stroke and complications due to side effects from medications. Making the situation even more difficult was that while Andria and her husband, Sal, were helping Bella fight for her life, they were grieving the loss of her twin sister, Olivia, who survived for only a few hours after her birth.

"I have overwhelming feelings of gratitude to the UH Rainbow and UH MacDonald staff for their empathy and support." says Andria. "It was so significant to us that everyone who walked into the room knew exactly what our situation was before they came in."

For 152 days, Bella was in UH Rainbow's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Her family stayed by her side the entire time with the help and support of the NICU staff. Andria says, "They understood that I just couldn't return home until I could walk into the house with my baby in my arms."

Today, Bella is an amazing twelve year old, and she continues to face many medical challenges. She has 14 Rainbow specialists who follow her tremendous progress. As one of her specialists said early in the family's journey, "I don’t want to tell you what she can't do. She is going to tell us what she can do."

And Bella has accomplished a lot! She's a Sonic the Hedgehog loving, kind, generous and brave sixth grader, a loving sister to her four-year-old brother, Leonardo, and is usually accompanied by her watchful service dog, Baci. What stands out most to those who know Bella is her curious and inquisitive nature and how she loves to make others happy and share her joy. Never far from Andria's mind is how grateful she is for the care Bella receives at Rainbow. "The coordination of care is a large part of why we keep coming back to Rainbow. We wouldn’t have her if it weren’t for the teams we have working with us and supporting our daughter as if she were theirs."

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