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Rainbow Radiothon: Giving Patients a Better Future

Tune in on Friday, December 4, 2015 on Star 102 FM, as we broadcast the annual Rainbow Radiothon live from UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital! Join Star 102 hosts Jen and Tim as we share inspirational stories of love, hope and compassion featuring young patients, their families and the dedicated staff who care for them. To make a donation, click here and make sure to save the date for 2015 Rainbow Radiothon!

We are also pleased to announce that our Hispanic Rainbow Radiothon is returning for the second year! Join us on Thursday and Friday, November 5 and 6, 2015 on 87.7 La Mega for the 2015 Hispanic Rainbow Radiothon! Join the La Mega crew for two days of inspiring stories from the patients, doctors and support staff who make Rainbow such a special place. To make a donation, click here.

Acompáñenos el Jueves y Viernes, 5 y 6 de Noviembre de 2015 por La Mega 87.7 para el Rainbow Radioton Hispano 2015! Acompañe a el equipo de La Mega por dos días de relatos inspirados por los pacientes, doctores y personal quien hacen de Rainbow un lugar muy especial.  Para hacer una donación, oprima aquí.

Rainbow Miracle Stories

Meet Miracle Stories Ben and Owen

Ben and Owen

At 24 weeks of pregnancy, Ben & Owen’s mom was put on bed rest for sudden signs of premature labor. After 3 additional weeks, Sarah’s water broke and the boys were delivered via and emergency c-section...

Meet Miracle Story Cordelia

At 2 months old, Cordelia was taken to her pediatrician for what her parents thought was excessive gas. An x-ray showed her entire abdomen was engrossed by her liver...

Meet Miracle Story Julie

At 18 months of age, Julie’s was admitted to the hospital to be treated for a common childhood viral infection known as croup. After noticing that Julie’s facial features were under-developed and abnormal, doctors suggested her parents seek specialty care...

Meet Miracle Story Isaiah

Thirteen year’s ago Isaiah was born with a life-threatening congenital heart defect.  He had three holes in his heart and a double aortic arch.  If it went undetected, the defect would have lead to Isaiah suffocating...

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